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Australia is burning.

10.3 MILLION HECTARES (25.5 Million acres) of land has been burned.
The fires have claimed lives and demolished over 2,000 homes.
An estimated 1 billion animals from Australia’s rich wildlife have been affected by the fires.
Wildfire smoke contains poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) and fine particles known as PM2.5.
When inhaled, this can harm virtually every organ in the human body.

What can we do to help?

We want to use our community and our voice to help do something about the events currently unfolding in Australia.
We usually use Instagram solely to promote work but felt compelled to do something with regards to the devastations happening at the moment.

As many of you know we make BWGTBLD merchandise which has never been for sale, it has only been given to friends and family.
Our classic piece is the BWGTBLD GmbH WORKSHOP hoodie. With the hoodies we have left in stock we decided to make a special edition print.

Every single purchase made from our remaining stock to help aid the Australian Bushfire crisis will go straight to the following charities:

- Australian Red Cross
- NSW Rural Fire Service
- WWF’S Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund

It was very difficult to decide on charities as there is an overwhelming amount of choice.
After careful consideration, a lot of research and speaking to friends and people in Australia we decided these three charities were the most affected and ones we feel need the most help.

We will be able to sell 250 pieces (50M/ 100L / 50XL / 50 XXL) of this special edition of the BWGTBLD GmbH WORKSHOP hoodie.

The hoodies will be up for €70 each and be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

We have a pre-order link going live now so that we are able to donate as soon as possible to the charities.

Philipp, Jakob & the BWGTBLD team